Brass Ingots for Optimum Smelting Results

Tailoring the best solutions

ASBW brass ingots have been the ideal solution for our customers to obtain outstanding results in smelting sanitary valves and fittings with high geometric complexity, meters and valves, pumps, impellers, water supply faucets, among other complex parts with demanding mechanical characteristics.

Through decades of investigation, development and expertise, allied with an endless chase for improvement and product competitiveness, based on the quality of the alloys and the flexibility of their production, it was possible to develop the chemical compositions of ASBW brass ingots, providing to our customers the desired solutions to achieve the aimed results for their production processes, minimizing chemical composition adjustments and slag production.

Within the entire range of ASBW brass ingots, you can find the best fitting to what your production process needs, ensuring since the very beginning the integrity
and the aimed properties for the parts:

  • Top quality after polishing
  • Resistance to aggressive environments
  • High mechanical strength
  • High wear resistance
  • High machinability
  • Remarkable electrical conductivity
  • Accordance with the latest specifications for the sanitary industry regarding environmental issues
  • Compliance to the latest legislations

Ingots Details

All ASBW products are thought, projected and developed to fit and exceed customer’s expectations, offering excellent, highly stable casting and moulding behaviour, perfectly fitted to the typology of the parts to be produced and the casting technique used at customer’s facilities:

  • Low pressure die casting
  • High pressure die casting (injection)
  • Gravity casting

mpliance with the latest standards requirements

To fully meet the latest requirements of the drinking water standard 4 MS Common Composition List, ASBW has a wide range of solutions. All available alloys (Further alloys or restrictions to the alloys within this table are possible upon customer's request):

Lead Containing Alloys
L1** CuZn39Pb1Al-B  CB757S
 -  - 4 MS Common
Approach, Part B
L2  CuZn39Pb1AlB-B  CB755S
 -  - -
L3** CuZn36Pb-B  CB770S
 -  - 4 MS Common
Approach, Part B
L4  CuZn37Pb2Ni1AlFe-B  CB753S
 -  - -
L5 CuZn35Pb2Al-B CB752S
- - -
L6 CuZn39Pb1Al-B  CB754S
 -  - -
L7** CuZn36Pb1AlAsSb-B  CB772S
- - 4 MS Common
Approach, Part B
Low Lead Containing Alloys
L8 CuZn40Al0.5Pb0.07-B**** - - -  -
L9  CuZn40Bi0.7Al0.5Pb0.1-B****   According to SDWA of EPA***  C89540  - -
L10 CuZn40Sn0.3-B**** - - - -
L11 CuZn40AlPb0.2-B**** - - - -
L12 CuZn40Al0.6Pb0.1P0.08Si0.05-B**** - - - -

* The material symbol designation is based on the designation system given in ISO 1190-1. A “CB” is added to the designation to identify material in the form of ingots and a “CC” is added to the designation to identify material in the form of castings. These distinctions serve to avoid confusion with wrought products of a similar alloy.

** For drinking water applications, there are restrictions to the chemical composition the materials listed in this table according to the
specified in the 4 MS Common Composition List

*** Environment Protection Agency (EPA), Safe Water Drinking Act (SDWA) - ANSI/NSF Standard 61 and Copper Development

**** ASBW Designation.

ASBW raw materials derivate mainly from metal recovery facilities and are rigorously inspected and categorized, promoting this way both a sustainable development and precision in chemical composition and metallurgical properties of the brass ingots produced.
The brass ingots produced at ASBW are consistent with the requirements aimed by our customers for their parts:
  • Precise chemical composition
  • Excellent filling of the mold cavities
  • Enhanced metallurgical properties, leading to a refined grain size, enabling the production of parts with complex geometries
  • Optimum response of the parts to the finishing steps, like polishing and surface treatment, ensuring lower scrap rates after the added value to the parts 
  • Perfect compromise between aesthetics and mechanical properties

At ASBW, our quality standard setting starts at the raw materials reception and selection, to ensure the high standards compliance.

For each melting charge, there is a strict control, not only of the chemical composition, but also the α-phase content, hardness, tensile strength and elongation. Through this solid process of sampling and inspection, it is possible to ensure a refined and homogeneous microstructure as well as the mechanical properties.


The ASBW brass ingots are shipped in euro pallets. The standard pallet configuration of ASBW consists in three complete rows of ingots, with a total weight between 1.000 kg and 1.250 Kg.

Each pallet is protected with a polymeric net all around and steel strapped five times to ensure a secure shipment and material integrity during the transportation.

Different packaging weights and row configuration possible upon customers request and agreement. 

Possibility of shipment of the brass ingot with one sample either per pallet or per melting charge, upon customer’s request and agreement.


To ensure the traceability according to NP EN ISO 9001:2015, each wooden euro pallet is marked with a label indicating the details mentioned below:

  • Customer
  • Number of customer’s order
  • EN Standard of the material
  • Alloy identification (International and EN)
  • Ingot dimensions
  • ASBW material code
  • ASBW’s PO number
  • ASBW’s Quality Approval Seal

Quality and environment

ASBW has a certified quality management system in place according to EN ISO 9001:2015 and is committed to its customers in continuously improve the quality of production. Environment is a concern and global responsibility, to which ASBW is compliant with. ASBW adopts a policy of Social Responsibility, reducing the environmental impact of its activities. Believing in the compatibility between technological progress and environmental preservation, we are licensed at environmental level with APA (Environmental Agency) license number 86120.

Technical Service

At ASBW we see our customers as business partners. Considering that, we supply not only brass ingots but also our expertise and technical know-how that results from decades of experience and research. Our commitment is on-time discussion of any aspect of your production from the planning stage, providing you with detailed information about product properties, further processing and delivery options.

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